I Can. I Will.® Necklace
I Can. I Will.® Necklace

I Can. I Will.® Necklace

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You have a fire in your soul and determination in your spirit. You have one goal - one desire, and girl, NO ONE is going to deter you.

Today is the day that you make a commitment to yourself and this necklace will be your daily reminder. Each time you slide it across your neck, you will be reminded of just how strong and brave you are! When others see you wearing this necklace, they will KNOW that YOU are a girl on fire. 

So, what are you waiting for? Do this for you and only you. Because guess what? You deserve it and we know it; we’ve just been waiting for YOU to believe it, too.

Your beautiful, handmade necklace will be created just for you by women who have served in our U.S. Military, birthed babies and founded a company that believes in YOU. The brass disc will be hand-stamped with our trademark I Can. I Will ®, antiqued and waxed, then suspended from an 18” gunmetal chain. The finishing touch is a crystal, because we want you to shine like the beautiful woman you are!