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Aim Like a Girl® Treasure Necklace

Aim Like a Girl® Treasure Necklace

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Go ahead! Show the boys what you're made of! Sugar and spice? Heck no...we're all antlers and cowgirl boots around here.

The Aim Like A Girl® Treasure Necklace is one of our favorite designs. We hand stamp a brass disc that looks a little like an arrowhead. We think that's cool. The stamping isn't perfect and we aren't either. The little brass antler is so stinking cute and the bow and arrow make a bold statement - outta my way, boys. We finish the charms off with a crystal that we've hand set in an octagon bezel. A beautiful 30" antique bronze chain is attached to our signature hook.

Hand Stamped Charm, Crystal, Bow and Arrow Charm, 24K Gold Plated Antler, 30" Bronze Chain, Registered Trademark Design.