Stories From Our Tribe

We are so incredibly blessed, to have a tribe of women that have come alongside us, to wear and share our mission.

These are their stories.

The ring on my thumb I bought in my favorite store in Snohomish Washington. Years ago when my husband and I were dating we took a day trip to Oregon to see the ‘Halloween Town’ set up and we wandered into a store with Buffalo Girls jewelry. I fell in love with everything! My husband bought me a small arrow necklace and since then I have treasured it. Fast forward a couple years, my husband has graduated from basic training and moved to Germany, I had to wait until I got my official orders to join him. My mom and I took a little shopping trip to our favorite town, Snohomish, we walked in and around our favorite store, Mimi’s, and I saw a little display of Buffalo Girls and my heart skipped a beat! I bought that ring on my thumb that day and I wear it every day. My husband and I are now stationed in Germany and I still treasure every piece of Buffalo Girls jewelry I have which is a LOT. I love the uniqueness to it and it all feels customized for me. Thank you for creating such a down to earth business.

Sara R.


 I love my bracelet! I've had it a month. Worn it every day. Splitting firewood, shoveling snow, wrestling brake rotors and clutch kits at work...yet still nice enough when going on a date. I'm a cancer and chemotherapy survivor, and mom to a 22yr old son "they" told me I couldn't have. Ask my son about ticking off a redheaded Mama Bear lol. I'm thinking of buying the wider bracelet in black next time; I love mine so much.

Candice G.


Definitely need an "I Am Lucky" bracelet. I tell myself all the time how lucky I am - diagnosed with Breast Cancer, 3 years ago last week - and doing great!

Gail K.



 My bestie and I love Buffalo Girls Jewelry! We have both crafted personal necklaces and I had my family gift me matching earrings on Mother's Day!

Sabina M.


 Being a military spouse, I love supporting other military families. These girls are so nice! When we came in and I was pregnant with our twins, they kept the older two kids occupied while I picked out what I wanted! They are so sweet and I love their company!

Theresa P.


 I love your jewelry, the uniqueness is stunning, everyone that see's my items always want to know where it came from...thank you for adding to my collection!! Buffalo Girls Salvage, you are the best!

Nancy S.



 I am wearing a necklace and earrings, made by Buffalo Girls Salvage. I got these pieces for Christmas from my boyfriend, who is currently in the Army. He is stationed in North Carolina, while I am in Idaho. The jewelry allows me to have a little piece of him, even while across the country. So, thank you Buffalo Girls Salvage for creating such a special piece, that I hold dear to me. "My heart lives in North Carolina."

Emily D.



I have worn my bullet ring every single day, for 5 years now. It makes me feel so empowered and like such a bada** powerful woman. I purchased it from the fairgrounds and later had it replaced when my jewel fell out.  Your company is awesome and inspiring!

Emily T.


 Howdy gals! I live in Spokane and love how well you represent us. Your jewelry designs are very thoughtful and very appealing to an outdoor outlaw like me. Your antler earrings are easily my favorite. Thank you for sharing your craft with us. (Rimrock, overlooking Spokane)

Lolanda C.