We recognize that our company continues to grow, because of the love and kindness that has been given to us. That is why we jump at the opportunity to partner with, and donate to, local and national organizations that speak to our hearts and align with our core values.

Miss Rodeo USA

Double J Dog Ranch

Learning With Lucky - The Cheryl Breeden Epic Golf Tournament 

Washington Pediatric Hydrocephalus Foundation, Inc.

Spokane Junior League


Following the school shooting at nearby Freeman High School in 2017, our company was asked to be part of a project; giving daily gifts of love to the teachers at Freeman High School. As moms of high school and middle school students, this project was near and dear to our hearts. We quickly went to work, creating and hand stamping a FREEMAN STRONG leather bracelet, for every faculty member in the Freeman School District. We also had the opportunity to create special jewelry designs for the three girls who were victims of the shooting as well as the mother and sister of Sam Strahan, the child who lost his life that day. It was an honor for us to be a tiny part of such a beautiful project, purely created out of love and kindness, in such a dark and difficult time.

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